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The famous lacquered toys of Etikoppaka, also known as 'lakkapidathalu' in the local tongue, are the handwoven efforts of Telugu artisans. This ancient craft belongs to the village of Etikoppaka, 20 kilometres to the south of Yellamanchili. Everything about these wooden toys is "green" − sustainable and stylish, a combination we always look for and seldom find.

Natural vegetable dyes are applied onto a tender softwood "Ankudu" with the help of spinning lathe machines.

The fact that each line and print on the Etikopakka bomma is the stroke of the artisan's bold imagination leaves you feeling cared for. Every toy is unique, full of character and stories to tell.

These handmade wooden toys are ideal for gifting a dear one. With Etikoppaka toys, enriching your home decor collection and gifting your little one a toy companion comes hand in hand.

Artsytribe preserves these symbols of heritage by nurturing the timeless art of Etikoppaka. What sets handicraft apart from any other spectrum of production is the knowledge that every passing second, the artisan stays devoted to piecing together the perfect toy for you.