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Rs. 799.00

Changing the currents of time, the Etikoppaka community of master craftsmen introduce the warmth of storytelling through their art. Continuing a 600-year-old saga that stretches beyond the boundaries of art, the artisans of Etikoppaka are master fabricators. Each woman and child sets out to the lush forests and picks up logs of Ankudu wood to begin the magical process of transformation. Indian spirituality is a vast ocean, unfathomable in its depth, stretching as far as the eye can reach. The artisans of Etikoppaka take authentic themes that are truly Indian and bring them alive with glorious forms and colours.

This playful depiction of Baby Krishna consuming butter is an exceptional tribute to both the culture of the country and the skill of the craftsman. With beautifully glazed surfaces that curve with sheer perfection, the craftsman displays his vivid understanding of form. The artisans operate either hand-spun lathes or machine operated lathes to spin logs of wood during the dyeing process. Sustainability, cultural integrity and aesthetics make this ancient practice one to preserve.

Toys of such cultural significance become the star of festival toy gatherings and displays, making it a unifying factor in diversity and celebration. Influencing the demand for handicrafts in the modern era, these artisans set game-changing standards for the rest of the nation to live up to. With the most primitive of tools and passion that matches their skill, the craftsmen of Etikoppaka have come a long way from where they started. Artystribe offers a glimpse into the timeless cultures of rural India, holding firm to their roots.