Eco-Friendly Wooden Toy Kitchen Set of 22 Pieces - Choppu Jaman

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Etikoppaka Toys

Rs. 1,200.00
Rs. 1,200.00

Perfection finds an incredible expression in the hands of Etikoppaka artisans. This playful set of kitchen toys revokes memories for each one of us, taking minds back to childhoods and grandparents to sunrises on a field and birds chirping before the village arises. Each piece of the set has been carefully crafted by the Etikoppaka artisan, utilizing only sustainable products for both the wood base and the colouring agent. Watching the artisan masterfully spin the toy while he applies a thick layer of paint is quite addictive, adding to the many dimensions of Indian handicraft. With experienced hands and imaginative minds, the artisans of Etikoppaka are heroes in the world of modern art as preserving cultural versions of handicraft must be duly credited. 

Gifting this set to a toddler would be just as well-received as gifting it to a gentleman with a display cabinet to spare. This thematic universality of Indian handicraft is what renders it immortality that never runs out of style. The forms are surprisingly glossy with perfectly rounded corners for both aesthetics and safety. 

The impeccable families of Etikoppaka have their roots in ancient India, a land of unparalleled histories and cultures. Bringing this spirit forth into present day, the Etikoppaka artisans display sheer determination and courage in the face of adversities. With meagre incomes and questionable demand for the glorious artform, their hope is dwindling.

The humble women and men of Etikoppaka are just as unforgettable as the toys they create. In the face of adversity, Artsytribe recognizes their historic stance in the passing chapters of Indian culture. Often, the simplest image or the smallest gesture brings smiles, rekindling eventful pasts and evoking hopeful futures.