Dolu Sannai Melam - Wedding Band - Etikoppaka Handicraft

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Rs. 2,800.00
Rs. 2,800.00

The revered artisans of Etikoppaka are continuing their ancient legacy in the art of woodworking and lacquering, constantly contributing to the vast ocean of authentic Indian handicraft. Art lurks in every nook and corner of the Indian subcontinent, and often, it does find its way onto the mainstream platform. Occasions that celebrate India’s vibrant festivals of Dussehra and Sankranti welcome handicraft toys of relevant cultural significance into their Bommala Koluvu processions. The innumerable men and women from this Telugu community mindfully craft iconic Etikoppaka toys with sheer precision in execution and brilliance in design. 

This Etikoppaka artefact is a joy to behold, considering the artisan’s manual effort and skill that goes into the making into each Etikoppaka creation. An Indian wedding is hardly Indian without the zealous Dolu Sannai band playing in the background. The amalgamation of music, rhythm and celebration on the auspicious juncture of marriage is unique to the Indian perspective on weddings. This team of tiny Etikoppaka musicians seem to be engrossed in their craft, each masterfully wielding their instrument of choice as the priest seated across the bride and the groom perform recitations. 

With every authentic Etikoppaka purchase, one strengthens the tireless spirit of the traditional Indian craftsman. The culturally rooted theme of the Dolu Sannai toy makes it practically the best fit for tokens at weddings and other auspicious ceremonies. Artsytribe places i​m​mense trust and value in the hands of these ​master crafts​men and wo​men, never failing to deliver quality and overwhel​ming beauty.