Light Weight Wooden Bullock cart - Kondapalli Toys

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Kondapalli Bommalu

  • Handmade by Kondapalli Artist
  • Sourced directly from artisans of village
  • Light-weight wooden toys
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  • Delivered within 7-days of online purchase
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Rs. 749.00
Rs. 749.00

"Onteddu Bandi" means a bullock cart with a single bull. Onteddu bandi used to be the only means of transport during olden days. This show piece is the depiction of Onteddu Bandi from Kondappalli artisans who mastered the art of wood carving. They use locally found light weight white wood called "Tella Poniki" for making kondapalli toys. Kondapalli artisans are known for chiselling wooden toys and handicrafts from single piece of wood.