Rama Sita Laxman and Hanuman wooden showpiece - Etikoppaka Handicraft

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The timeless artisans of Kondapalli relive times of old with their exquisite contribution to the realm of Indian handicraft. With varying cultural themes that have captured the imagination of poets and common folk alike, the Kondapalli craftsman is an artist of the highest order, serving the social masses and their delicate cultural ideologies. This time, an epic mythological quartet put forth by the talented artisans hailing from Andhra's Krishna district. 

This ensemble of Rama, Sita, Laxmana and Hanuman originates from India's most ancient tale of righteousness and devotion. We are once again reminded of Rama's unfaltering sense of Dharma. Sita's tireless strength and hope during bleak times is met with Laxman and Hanuman's unparalleled commitment. Unlike urban counterparts that dwell in random and borrowed themes, the art of Kondapalli toy-making has always been that of history and purpose. Each passing generation has strived to evolve this ancient artform into the best possible version by updating themes and technology, but the art of Kondapalli toy-making has retained its core principle of sustainability and culture. 

This handicraft is a result of the persistent efforts of ancient artisan lineages in the craft of lacquering. The nature of art lies in its meaning and its contribution to the warmth of nostalgia and longing. To look at a traditional Etikoppaka toy and not begin a sweet journey of reminiscing is unheard of.