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Kondapalli Bommalu

Rs. 1,199.00
Rs. 1,199.00

This heartwarming Kondapalli toy is a trip down memory lane for every Indian, as the diligent students sit down cross-legged before their teacher. The school corridors ring with the sound of them chanting the alphabet over and over, letting the sound sink into their young impressionable minds. Each day after school, they run back into onto the forlorn village streets playing ageless traditional games. Unlike life in the cities, all work and no play is not the scenario for these cheerful kids. Eager to dress up in their uniforms, the children march to their classrooms with neatly combed hair and a bag full of books to their shoulders. 

Learning in the lap of nature, these young minds are healthy in the true sense, nourished by mother nature's gentle ways. Wholesome and unforgettable, the Kondapalli artisan captures this poignant tale of childhood with brilliance as always. The great Indian festivals of Dussehra and Sankranti call for the famous Bommala Koluvu — an elaborate arrangement of handcrafted wooden toys to provide a cultural narrative rooted deep in India.

The artisans of Kondapalli have a way of bringing the Indian way of living to the forefront, where it is admired and remembered for an eternity. Another day begins with the Kondapalli artisan at work, chiselling and painting wood through summers and winters — for nothing is more priceless than passion.