Tabla Shaped Agarbatti Stand - Etikoppaka Handicraft

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Rs. 199.00
Rs. 199.00

Singing the tales of time through their chisels, the fabled community of Etikoppaka are masters of their craft. Turning wood into incredibly smooth surfaces and rendering them in deeply pigmented colours, the artisans of Etikoppaka are undoubtedly innovators. During the days of their ancestors, art held a respected status in society. Kings, queens and ministers were avid patrons of handicraft and painting that originated in the Indian subcontinent. Today, as the numbers dwindle, this spirit of craftsmanship is still flourishing in remote parts of the country. Artsytribe brings to you this playful Tabla Etikoppaka creation featuring an Incense holder.

Two notably Indian elements blend in the design for this incense holder. The Tabla is an indigenous percussion instrument native to India, whose ultimate origin possibly traces back to the Vedic era. India, being the world's most Incense-producing country, has a rich history. This Etikoppaka handicraft artfully unifies two whimsical Indian entities.

With an idea this refreshing, the artisans of Etikoppaka add a great depth of character to your household, where every element is carefully thought out.

This Etikoppaka incense holder is an anecdote to celebrate the genius of craftsmanship in everyday life. Embracing the role of storytelling through the tides of time, the community of Etikoppaka makers explore a vast myriad of themes starting from marriage revelries to cultural memoirs. Authenticity and handicraft go hand in hand — qualities that are rare gems in today's day and age. At Artsytribe, we curate the best handicraft pieces from gifted artisans. Efforts are being made to revive this irreplaceable craft that strives to live on for years to come.