Traditional Indian Marriage Couple - Etikoppaka Toys

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Rs. 1,000.00
Rs. 1,000.00

The artisans of the magical Telugu town of Etikoppaka bring forth this exquisite wooden set birthed out of local softwood. Etikoppaka lies on the serene banks of the river Varaha in Visakhapatnam’s proximity. Turning a locally abundant variety of softwood known as 'Ankudu' into shimmering toys, the artisans of Etikoppaka carry an immense responsibility on their collective shoulders. With the passage of time, new artforms have come and gone. Woodworking has an elaborate history evident in the evolving forms of the Etikoppaka craft. 

What separates handicraft from machine made art is the level of personalization and care impounded on the piece. The artisan families worship their craft and relinquish their entire being at its mercy. Artsytribe takes on the ardent responsibility of exposing these iconic artisan families of the south to the face of modern urban living. This bride and groom duo is one of Etikoppaka's signature toys, an iconic representation of the craft that finds popularity during return gifting at celebrated Indian weddings. 

Etikoppaka wooden toys reside in a special place in the collective heart of the nation, influencing masses beyond its native town. Kindling flavours of sentimentality and lost ponderings, India adores the fine Etikoppaka craftsmen and their relentless dedication to the realm of handicraft. Etikoppaka’s glorious history adds depth and character to each toy, as it attempts to capture the imaginations of thousands across the nation.