Traditional Indian Wedding Couple - Small Size

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Rs. 500.00

The traditional art of wooden handicraft stems from South India’s esteemed legacy of Kondapalli toy-making. Every year, the great Indian festivals of Sankranti and Dussehra remain rudimentary without the customary ensemble of Kondapalli masterpieces referred to as ‘Bommala Koluvu’. The toys, rich in cultural context and artistic veneration, stand still in the heart of homes as uncles, aunts and cousins gather around for merriment and conversation. 

Art that is driven with such an immense sense of socialism and purpose never fails to capture the imagination of crowds. The Kondapalli artisans, although bleak in number, are remarkable in their efforts as a rare handicraft community.

Indian food and festival is second to none on a global scale. Combining these two exuberant elements together is the Indian wedding. With music, invocation and laughter, the couple is celebrated by friends and kin. 

The Indian wedding experience is reflective of India’s vehement use of colour to represent flourishment and well-being. This traditional Kondapalli duo loftily presents a bride adorned in a wedding saree distinctive of South India’s style, standing alongside her man in the headcloth. A look at the ravishing faces can inform the common man about the Kondapalli craftsman’s dexterity as an artist. With vivid bright eyes and wholesome forms, this Kondapalli work of art serves as an excellent showpiece for ethnic decor. Presenting reverent guests with the traditional wedding handicraft as a return gesture would be an ingenious way to commemorate the eventful occasion.