Traditional Marriage Show Piece - Kondapalli Bommalu

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Kondapalli Bommalu

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Rs. 1,650.00

When a toy becomes larger than life and attains the title 'art', we know that the artisan behind its making has an exceptional eye for gold. This Kondapalli creation features a traditional South-Indian marriage ceremony. The bride and the groom are seated at the heart of the Mandapa, with smiles on their faces as the service is lead by the purohit's mesmerizing Sanskrit chants. No Indian marriage is complete without the Shehnai music that adds vigour to the day. The Kondapalli artisan recollects scenes of cultural significance in the Indian context and effortlessly makes them the heroes of his creative handicrafts. 

As we see the family gather around to witness the holy union carved flawlessly into wood, one cannot dismiss the number of hours spent at the chisel. With sheer refinement and talent, the Kondapalli artisan is an inexhaustible pit of creative intelligence. Over centuries, the Kondapalli community has perfected the art of working wood into beautiful toys that have become symbols of South Indian handicraft.

Bommala Koluvu is an ensemble of Kondapalli toys that represents the power of cultural expression. The traditional artisan is recognized and appreciated alongside the worship of deities during the festivals of Sankranti and Dussehra. To keep this irreplaceable art alive, Artsytribe sources authentic Kondapalli toys from its makers and gets them to your doorstep, popularizing the legacy of South Indian handicraft.