Wooden Hanuman Figurine - Etikoppaka Handicraft

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Narrating an age-old tale of time, this exquisite Kondapalli piece is a culmination of Lord Hanuman’s eternal companionship to the revered Lord Rama of Ayodhya. His relentless devotion towards Rama withstood the tides of time, granting a peek into the divine world of the Treta Yuga. Paying homage to this giver of strength, the maestros of Kondapalli, Vijayawada prove their mastery yet again with this Hanuman wooden showpiece.

The ancient craft of Kondapalli toy-making dates back to half a millenium. Over the span of 500 years, this artistic trade has constantly bettered itself, evolving to suit the needs of transient modernity. The artisans help establish a delicate balance between the authentic handicrafts resulting from bucolic India and the rapid industrialization in India’s urban cores. This Hanuman icon transports one to the realm of finer living, more accustomed to nature and her services to mankind. A cultural procession of Kondapalli toys known as the ‘Bommala Koluvu’ is set up by Telugu families to commemorate diverse mythology and folklore around the time of Dussehra and Sankranthi. This Hanuman toy can definitely take centre-stage and enrapture the room with veritable cultural presence. 

The women and the children from the Kondapalli community set out to collect Tella Poniki, a locally available softwood. No sooner than the log is gathered, the artisans begin sculpting the raw wood into perfection. With sheer glossy lacquer work and the geometric woodworking, the final product eventually takes form. This distinctive Hanuman Kondapalli piece can grace wedding ceremonies as auspicious return-gifts, symbolizing eternal courage and longevity. 

For centuries, Hindu societies have come to view Hanuman as the ideal Bhakt, the most revered devotee the world has ever witnessed. Today, in a remote village known as Kondapalli, a few men and women tirelessly dedicate their being to a craft that reminds the world of what it means to live an artful life. Artsytribe recognizes the artisan’s unbreakable spirit and unfaltering sense of purpose, as he puts forth culturally significant toys each passing week.