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Kondapalli Bommalu

Rs. 900.00
Rs. 900.00

This dual spectacle-holder comes to you straight from the artisans of Kondapalli, Andhra Pradesh. Whether you wish to elevate your quirk score with a pair of cheesy spectacle holders or make a friend lucky by gifting them, this Kondapalli handicraft is just the right pick. Both functional and aesthetic, this product comes as two pieces. The female stand is adorned with a round red Bindi and a nose ring, embodying the fashionable Desi aura. The men's stand comes with a dashing moustache, reminiscent of the vintage times. Unusual and unique, this Kondapalli creation is crafted out of Ankudu wood sourced from the forests of Andhra Pradesh. 

Artisans of the Kondapalli community are known for their signature cultural themes. The primary hosts of the Bommala Koluvu ensemble, their toys provide an enjoyable narrative with form and colour to the young and the old alike. This Kondapalli creation adopts conventional ideology, adding to the uniqueness of its design. Truly one of a kind, this wooden spectacle stand is a must-add to your collectables. 

The makers behind this fun-loving Kondapalli handicraft set examples in embracing the true nature of life by following mottos, regardless of how tough times could get. Continuing an immortal legacy of handicraft, the Kondapalli art hopes to see the sun one day.