Wooden Toy Cannon - Etikoppaka Handicraft

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Rs. 299.00
Rs. 299.00

Culture and art are inseparable entities in the typical Indian picture. Every Etikoppaka handicraft comes with rich meaning, like this unforgettable cannon toy inspired by the relentless spirit of India under the British rule. Through time and tide, the craft of Etikoppaka toy making has evolved, producing exceptional artisans. Their shrewd judgment and experience with woodworking create masterpieces for a customised experience. Displaying one of India's finest works of art are the cheerful men and women of this community, continuing a gleaming legacy centuries old.

With a glorious past and a future dressed in hope, handicraft creates a strong sense of identity in times dominated by Industrial produce. In the advent of the Industrial Revolution, India hesitantly made way to the monumental era of machines and weaponry. The artisans adapted to the changing conditions, silently protesting the return of handicrafts. 

The unmistakable shine on the toy brings quality and refinement to your interiors, instantly becoming a statement piece. One can readily notice and admire the hours of work put into the smallest of details, making the toy larger than life in both its imagination and execution. The craft of Etikoppaka has become a global sensation, as the rural men and women set the perfect example of true joy to both the young and the old.

This brightly coloured Etikoppaka handicraft is an irreplaceable gift, marking the value of handiwork. The artisans magically render vegetable dyes onto the perfectly sculpted piece of wood, creating handicrafts that are revered both for passion and artistry. When innovation knocks at your door, you make room for yet another heartfelt memoir from Etikoppaka, a testament to human creativity.