Wooden Toy Train for Kids - Etikoppaka Handicraft

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Rs. 399.00
Rs. 399.00

This joyous Etikoppaka toy is a paragon of excellence in the world of handicraft. With a permanent shine to the surface and colours that stand out from subdued surroundings, this artistic toy train is more than just a toy. This expression of artistic legacy finds origin in a town twenty kilometres south of Yelamanchili, Andhra Pradesh. The ability to narrate a tale of creation and passion makes a global favourite, to both art lovers and laypeople. On the other hand, the train moves playfully, creating a streak of colours and textures unforgettable to children.

The artisan magically renders colour to the spinning toy with vegetables, producing sustainable toys out of the artisan's imagination. The use of locally sourced softwood denotes a heightened sense of responsibility towards the natural environment, unlike the insensitive Industrial production of today's times.

Etikoppaka toys are a testament to the cultural identity of South India, as children flock to see the Bommala Koluvu around the time of Dussehra and Sankranti. Apart from being an excellent source of entertainment for young ones, the Bommala Koluvu displays a plethora of handicrafts aiming to spread cultural messages across masses. This handcrafted toy train is no exception to the fine craftsmanship of the Telugu craftsmen of Etikoppaka.

The search for authenticity in times of modernity is a challenge faced by every handicraft lover. Artsytribe ensures premium quality handicrafts native to the communities that first devised them. Etikoppaka toys have been a staple symbol of Andhra Pradesh for centuries, defining the spirit of craftsmanship for decades to come. Slowly fading away, these artisans plead to be recognized like they were during times of ancient rule when handicraft thrived at its best.